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Your Little Garden

- a children's picture book -

“Just before tea is the time to water

and along comes skipping the gardener’s daughter.

Her favourite colour is not hard to guess

and she knows that yellow for her is the best.

Just organised patches of scented colour

daffodils, tulips and roses all summer.

And high above, watching over it all,

the robin sits on the old stone wall.”

Come and explore the gardens, walk on the grass and stop to smell the flowers. Come and meet the children who play, dream and care for them. Sit for a while to listen to their chatter. These colourful stories celebrate our connection with nature through the eyes of children wherever they may be. These are their little gardens. What will your little garden be?

"Growing vegetables in the sun,

there's lots of work before the day is done"

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Behind the Story - A Few Thoughts

"There is something magical about growing a garden. Planting a seed, watering it carefully and waiting for it to come up through the earth. I remember growing vegetables when I was little and running outside each morning to see how my baby tomatoes were getting along. Feeling very proud when the lettuces were big enough to eat and I always wanted to grow an enormous pumpkin. Capturing that moment of wonder, that moment of daydreaming as a child, that moment of play was something I had in my mind as I wrote the words for this book.”

"I felt it would be nice for the words to have a rhyme to them, especially for reading aloud. The writing is not poetry or prose, its a little in between." 

Behind the Scenes Video

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