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Greetings and thank you for stopping by. Meadow Afternoon is a mix of modern and vintage, a few soft colours and a little bit of lace. . . and of course stories. Lots of lots of stories.

Ida is a freelance writer originally from the southwest of England. She enjoys reading and researching about the past and has an educational

background in classical archaeology and ancient history.  

"Character driven narratives are my favourite. I like to focus on a moment in time and explore how emotion can connect the reader to characters and their stories."

Ida mainly focuses on historical fiction and has written short stories, a children’s book, and is currently working on a novel. 

Following along in the footsteps of some of her favourite authors, Ida is using a pen name. 

"And to be honest I’ve always wanted a pen name because I think it’s rather romantic."

Over the years many writers have used a nom de plume, such as George Elliot, Mark Twain, all three of the Bronte sisters, Lewis Carroll, Dr Seuss and so on. Each one of them used a pen name for different reasons, some out of choice or the necessity of their time. Modern writers also sometimes use pens name if they write in different genres (J.K.Rowling as an example).

And why you may ask Ida Williams?

"Ida comes from a novel I loved growing up, she was a secondary character but full of warmth and had a great sense of fun. And the Williams is there because in my admiration for old movies, I think I’ve watched every Ester Williams movie ever made."

You can find more of Ida's work on You Tube and Instagram. Feel free to sign up to the newsletter for exclusive content, freebies and updates. The newsletter club is a great way to stay up to date and be among the first to know of new projects. 


If you would like to contact Ida about a project or collaboration, with a question or just to say hello, there’s a contact form below. 

Currently Working On: A Novel


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