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a touch of purple

- a short story -

“Tall shadows crept up the walls in the candlelight and somewhere outside a lone owl hooted it's presence to the night. The little girl rubbed her eyes and looked at the dress her mother held in between her hands."

Late one night a little girl awakes to find her mother mending a special garment. Coloured an exclusive and expensive shade. One meant only for the most important person in the land.

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dogs of crimson hues and rabbits speckled with spots of green danced around...

Behind the Story - A Few Thoughts

"Purple has historically been an expensive colour to dye fabrics with, often associated with aristocratic and royal families. This story was inspired by a chance piece of research."

"I was looking through the British Library website and came across the proclamation against excess from the reign of Elizabeth 1st. In it there was a list of various things people couldn't wear, one of those items being purple silk. I found the idea of making fabrics and even a colour exclusive to the royal family very interesting and I wanted to explore that moment in time from the point of view of a little girl."

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