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The Coffee Shop
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The Coffee Shop

- a short story -

"Through the grey light of the overcast afternoon, she saw the yellow glow traveling down the pavement to meet her. The bell above the door jingled gently as she entered and she was instantly engulfed by the welcoming aromas of freshly ground coffee and cinnamon."

The story was featured in Until Then There's Coffee, published by Inkfeathers Publishing. The anthology book contains a collection of short stories, all inspired by coffee and the joy it brings. 

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Inkfeathers Publishing

It was raining. Bitter and cold the droplets hit the pavement, pooling into murky puddles.


Behind the Story - A Few Thoughts

"Even though I don’t drink coffee myself, I really like the atmosphere in coffee shops and how coffee brings people together. I think these spaces are interesting settings as they serve different functions for people. They can be places where you go to meet friends, go on dates, have business meetings and go to have time to yourself. But when you sit down in a coffee shop to spend some time on your own, you are not really alone. You are in the heart of a noisy place, with people and chatter around you. Even if you’re not talking to anyone and simply reading a book, you are part of the coffee shop. Alone and together at the same time.

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"I wanted to capture some of the different conversations that go on in the coffee shop. Different people with different lives and things going on."

Behind the Scenes Video

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